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Cranes are a vital piece of equipment on any worksite because they lift, lower, and raise so many different objects. Keeping them in good working order and free from oil, rust, residue, and other impurities helps extend their work lifespan which is why scheduled crane restoration is important. Cosmetically, faded safety markings and instructions pose a potential hazard; businesses will want their logos and branding to be clearly visible too. Revolution Paint & Panel provides crane refurbishment that will keep your crane looking amazing by keeping it free from decay and grime.

Revolution Paint & Panel Crane Restoration Services

Any business using cranes in their day-to-day operations understands the importance of keeping them well preserved. From rules and regulations stipulating visible safety labels to defect free panels, your cranes need to be well taken care of so that they can operate efficiently. Revolution Paint & Panel offers professional crane refurbishment for a wide range of manufacturers. Restore your machinery to its former glory and contact us now!


Sandblasting Service

Sandblasting is a vital step in any restoration process, it strips metal bare to create a clean smooth surface. The highly experienced team at Revolution Paint & Panel is capable of sandblasting any type of crane regardless of its size or condition. Our high quality work, commitment, and prompt project completion have made us an industry leader. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. We use cutting edge Blastec Equipment to provide you with a top quality finish to your crane's surface. We deliver:


  • 100% Free from Rust, Oil, & Other Sediments
  • Premium Quality Spotless Finish
  • Excellent Customer Service


Industrial Spray Painting

We are committed to using the latest equipment to provide you with the best possible service. The expert crane restoration team at Revolution Paint & Panel has state of the art Masterbooth paint bays and an opened-faced Impact spray painting booth for larger machinery. We use Dupont and Protec products to give you an amazing finish. We fully comply with all Australian standards and will deliver:


  • Top Quality Paint Products & Equipment
  • First-Rate Colour Matching
  • Bays Equipped for Large Machinery & Vehicles


Panel Beating Workshop

We have years of experience removing dents and restoring panels to their optimal condition. Our specialists use a workshop equipped with modern technology to help supply you with the most efficient and effective service available. We can efficiently assess any damage and explain what needs to be done to fully restore it. We are committed to offering clear quotes on our work so you won’t be surprised with unexpected fees.

Looking for High Quality Crane Refurbishment?

Revolution Paint & Panel can provide you with first rate restoration at competitive rates. For an amazing refurbishment experience, or other high quality fleet services, contact us today! Get a quote, or answers to questions, by dialling (07) 3266 1387 or emailing


Frequently Asked Questions


How many types of sandblasting are there?

Numerous styles of sandblasting exist including, soda, silicon dioxide, bristle, glass bead, and more. Revolution Paint & Panel uses several types of abrasive blasting products for grit blasting, glass blasting, as well as a general sandblasting service to provide you with a comprehensive range of options that ensure the best results.


Does sandblasting remove paint off metal?

Yes, sandblasting will remove paint from metal and machinery such as cranes.


How much does it cost to paint a crane?

Each project is unique and has a variety of factors that go into determining its cost. For a detailed assessment, contact Revolution Paint & Panel for a quote now by calling (07) 3266 1387 or emailing