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9 Tips for Effective Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

Posted By Revolution Paint & Panel  
09:00 AM

Vehicle fleet maintenance is a job that never ends. It can be a very rewarding career, but it does keep you young because there's always something to do and something new to learn. Here are tips that could be helpful reminders, or maybe there's a new idea in here to try. Our hats are off to the people who keep commercial fleets rolling.


Vehicle Fleet Maintenance from Revolution Paint & Panel

At Revolution Paint & Panel, we support Brisbane fleets with commercial truck refinishing and maintenance. Our specialty is commercial trucks and heavy equipment. Our well-equipped shop has the scale to handle and manage fleet maintenance for very large vehicles in an efficient and timely manner.


You can reach us on (07) 3266 1387 or at enq@revolutionpaintpanel.com.au. You can also stop by our shop at 17-23 Business Drive Narangba QLD 4504.


The Tip Sheet


1. Get Preventive

The best fix for trouble is when it doesn't happen. Preventive maintenance is the key. Oil changes, tire changes, engine and driveline and brake inspections and more - all need to happen on time, and with enough time available to make them more than a quick check. Make a schedule and set reminders and alerts in your calendar. The time spent setting this up is more than made up by the easy routine it allows, and by the trouble that doesn't happen when you are out in front with inspection and repair.


2. The Right Vehicle for the Job

Many fleets have a mix of vehicles, acquired over time and as opportunity or need presented itself. Most fleets do a variety of different kinds of work. Are your vehicles being assigned to the most appropriate tasks? Force of habit and personal preferences may result in assignments that need to be improved. An analysis of your work roster may suggest changes for a better match.


3. Get Your Drivers Involved

Nobody knows your fleet better than the people who drive it every day. Genuine interest and a good listening ear go a long way to help drivers feel they are part of the team and not just hired hands. Ask for opinions and suggestions. Let them know when you've taken action based on their ideas. They are your eyes and ears out there, and the first line of defence against costly trouble and down-time.


4. Invest in Fleet Management Software

There comes a time when good fleet management software can really make a difference to your operation. Some smaller shops can get along with paper records, but that always takes up a lot of time, especially now in transport's highly regulated environment. Fleet management software can open up a world of information and feedback for you in ways that can boost your productivity. Over time, that is a huge saving of costs and work. If you haven't set this up already, it is well worth your consideration.


5. Keep Vehicles Clean

A clean fleet is a safe fleet. And it presents the image you want to clients and customers. Time spent cleaning pays off with early warning of corrosion or damage, before it becomes a major issue. Your drivers will be more involved when they're driving a clean, good-looking truck - they'll be safer on the road and ready to report any troubles they encounter during their workday.


6. Take Care of Your Tires

One of the easiest but also most important daily tasks - checking tire pressure. The heavier the vehicle, the more trouble a badly inflated or leaking tire can cause. You can make this a signoff item for your drivers. Address any tire issues right away - for safer vehicles and safer drivers.


7. Get Driver Reports

Make them responsible for the basic daily checks - like tires, oil and brakes - and give them a way to record results and anything else they see that needs to be checked and corrected. This can be part of your fleet maintenance application, or it can be as simple as a small notebook they can keep in the cab. Starting and maintaining communication between drivers and the office is the key.


8. Reduce Idle Time

This is the most effective overall improvement you can make to reduce fuel costs. Make reduced idle a goal for the whole fleet. Fleet management software can monitor this for you, but if you don't have that option, communication and coaching are next best. Excess fuel usage and higher engine hours can be a sign of extended idle times. Assigning different drivers to the same route can help identify potential issues.


9. Repaint and Refinish and Maintain

The fleet gets a daily dose of hard work and small rocks and splashes, scrapes, bright sunlight, and the occasional attention of birds. Touch-up and spot repair should be part of a good maintenance schedule - they will postpone the day when major work is needed. When the time comes to make your vehicles look new again, Revolution Paint & Panel has the skills and facilities to make it happen on time and on budget.


Bring Your Fleet to Revolution Paint & Panel

We're ready to set your fleet up on a regular vehicle fleet maintenance and repair schedule. We have a broad range of capabilities and many years of experience. We're the leading shop in Brisbane for commercial truck and heavy equipment maintenance and refinishing.


Give us a call on (07) 3266 1387 to discuss your fleet needs or reach us at enq@revolutionpaintpanel.com.au. Or stop by our shop at 17-23 Business Drive Narangba QLD 4504.