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Truck Cleaning Tips

Posted By Revolution Paint & Panel  
16:00 PM

Trucks are big and imposing, so people see and notice trucks no matter what. What's more, a truck will often have the name of your business on the side. So, when you're using a truck you are effectively driving around in a big advertisement. This means you want your truck to look good and be a stellar representation of your business. But what are the best ways to clean a truck and keep it looking good? Here are our truck cleaning tips and truck washing tips to have your truck looking its best.


Truck Care and Truck Cleaning Tips

Caring for a truck is a lot like caring for a car, except there's a whole lot more truck to take care of. Of all of the truck cleaning tips the most important one is to regularly clean your truck. Stay on top of keeping your truck clean and it will always be an easy job of cleaning it. This is especially the case if you frequently find yourself hauling dirty loads, like soil or gravel. Here are some of the products we recommend for keeping a truck clean.


Car Wash with Wax

To begin our truck washing tips, we recommend that you wash your truck regularly using a concentrated washing formula like you would use for a car. You should also regularly wax your truck to help protect the paint and make it really shine. We know that it is a big task to wax an entire truck, so your best bet would be to use a single wash-and-wax all-in-one formula when washing your truck. It's always best if you can kill two birds with one stone.


Glass Cleaner

Keeping your windshield clean helps in the overall professional presentation of your truck, and it is also important for safety. For this reason, you should keep some glass cleaner on hand. You can keep a bottle of the blue glass cleaner in your cab along with some paper towels, or you can opt for pre-soaked glass-cleaning wet wipes. They're a little more expensive and don't last as long as a bottle of the blue stuff, but they'll never spill and they're a lot more convenient.


Paper Towels and Microfibre Cloths

It would be nice if you could keep the inside of your truck pristine by never eating in it, but we know that's probably not possible. But you can do a lot to keep the inside clean just by keeping some paper towels handy to wipe away any crumbs. A microfibre cloth is also useful for keeping dust that accumulates on the dash at bay.


Tire Treatment

Get some tire treatment formula and use it often. This is one of those truck washing tips that will really make the look of your truck pop. Few things will improve the look of your truck more than having shiny sidewalls on your tires, so get some tire treatment and start applying it.



A truck is a big, heavy, and oily machine. Lube and oil can collect and attract dirt. Diesel fuel can spill on the outside of the fuel tanks, and that stuff doesn't evaporate like petrol does. All of this can be quickly and easily cleaned up with a simple degreaser. It's just a good cleaning agent to have on hand for any truck driver.


Chrome and Aluminium Polish

There's usually a bit of chrome on a truck. For some trucks there's a lot of chrome and chrome is meant to shine. Get some chrome polish to keep your chrome shinning and looking its best. Along with chrome, trucks will usually have a lot of aluminium parts that will look great when properly cleaned. That means another type of polishing agent you'll want to keep around is aluminium polish.


Your Number One Source for Truck Body Repairs

Revolution Paint & Panel are the number source for truck repairs Brisbane wide. If you need repair work done on your truck or any other heavy equipment, please bring it down to our truck body shop at 17-23 Business Drive, Narangba, QLD, 4504. We can make your truck look like new again, but it's up to you to keep it looking new with our truck cleaning tips. If you'd like to get in touch with us to discuss our services give us a call on (07) 3266 1387 or 0422 261 148. You can also contact us by emailing enq@revolutionpaintpanel.com.au