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What Panel Beating Techniques Are There?

Posted By Revolution Paint & Panel  
09:00 AM

Much has changed over the years in the field of panel and bodywork repair. We've all seen this. Body on frame construction was once universal, but gave way to unibody design for autos, and today even for light utility vehicles. Materials have changed - thick steel bodies gave way to light steel, then to high-strength steel and in some cases aluminium. Some recent vehicles have had body panels that just snap on and off. Plastic and fibreglass have appeared in vehicles that are not considered exotic at all. Panel beating techniques have kept changing as well and have become much more specialised. Vehicles will always need panel repair - that will never change - but a whole new range of tools and approaches have come into being.


Big Work and Small Details

At Revolution Paint & Panel, our specialty is commercial truck repairs and truck panel repairs. Our well-equipped shop is scaled to handle and manage very large vehicles in an efficient and timely manner. You can reach us on (07) 3266 1387 or 0422 261 148, or at enq@revolutionpaintpanel.com.au. As industry leaders in truck and heavy machinery repair, we have witnessed the evolution of panel beating techniques. Here's a rundown of the different techniques used by expert repairmen today.


High Strength Steel Work

Most truck and equipment bodies these days are built up from high-strength steel. It is well-suited for hard service, being very tough and durable, but that makes it more challenging to repair when it is damaged. Because of its toughness, it does not unbend well after being crushed and deformed in an accident. There is a real limit to how much damage can be hammered out, even with the use of heat. Panel replacement is often more practical. A panel beating expert will be able to help in making this determination.


Scratch and Dent Repair

Not everyone thinks of cosmetic repair to heavy trucks and equipment. However, these vehicles are very visible, and they represent their companies to clients and to the public. They can be expected to have long service lives, and they do accumulate their share of dings over time. This typically won't affect operation, but when finishing experts correct these small areas of damage and touch up the paint, it turns even the biggest trucks and equipment into a rolling advertisement for your firm.


Major Structural Work

Every so often the worst happens, and a large truck or piece of heavy equipment sustains significant body damage. These vehicles are highly valuable and are almost always worth repairing. Each case is different, and they will all require thorough evaluation by experienced professionals, preferably those equipped to work at this scale.


Welding and Machining

These processes are a traditional part of panel beating techniques, bringing high skills into the present day. There is no rushing a precision weld or machining pass. Welding and hammer finishing may be used to fill in a panel that has had to have damage cut out. Machining and welding can also be used together to correct damaged support structure.


Fiberglass and Plastics

For best fuel economy, saving weight is more important than ever, and these materials have been incorporated in newer designs in unexpected ways. Working with them is completely different than with traditional metal components. Preparation and finishing, methods of installation, proper fasteners, adhesive selection, alignment and adjustment - all are important and different. A finishing craftsmen will have the background and expertise for working correctly and efficiently with these lightweight materials. They are among the newest to be included in panel beating techniques.



Much more widely used in trucks and heavy equipment today than in the past, aluminium has been upgraded through new alloys and treatment processes to become a high-strength material. It may be encountered in applications formerly reserved for steel and cast iron. Working with it correctly requires thorough knowledge and access to a wealth of information on the uses of lightweight high-strength materials like the new aluminium types.


Let the Experts Make Your Truck Look New

Revolution Paint & Panel is an accredited repair specialist for Volvo, Mack, Isuzu, Hino, Freightliner, Mitsubishi, Kenworth and Western Star. We have years of experience in big and small repair, and the large-scale facilities and comprehensive tooling to do your work on time and on budget. We are conveniently located at 17-23 Business Drive Narangba QLD 4504. Stop in for a friendly consultation, or call us on (07) 3266 1387 or 0422 261 148 - you can also get in touch via email at enq@revolutionpaintpanel.com.au. You'll be in contact with our expert staff, and on your way to better panel work and repairs of all kinds in no time.